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2012 AD The Year Of Our Lord

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Sunday, January 22 marks the begining of our year long journey entitled, “2012 AD: The Year of Our Lord.” The year is divided up into seven “stages” which will each span four to seven weeks in length.

Week One begins with a message entitled, “One of the Twelve.” Jesus invited twelve disciples to do life with him and eventually commissioned them to make other disciples. The incredible thing is that here, in 2012, we are invited to be Christ’s disciples. In essence, we get to be “One of the Twelve”!

Jesus is not just “religion” or “theology.” He’s a person. He invites us to be with him and have a relationship with him.

Experts help us understand human relationships by saying that we go through “stages” such as discovery, commitment, conflict and growth. If an encounter with Jesus is real, then perhaps it goes through similar stages as well.

So let’s put on our sandals and tie up our tunics. Let’s explore the depths of what it means to follow Jesus!

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