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Welcome to Student Union!

Student Union, led by David Hughes, invites students to be a community who are realizing their role in God’s Story. The best place to get started is our weekly SU Sunday Celebrations. Students can come, be known, know others and be encouraged in the toughest areas of life.

Where do I go?

First off, know that you have a place in Sunday Celebrations.

For middle school, we have groups for every grade and gender so you can get to know others similar to you.

For high school, there are two age brackets: Upperclassmen (11th and 12th grade) and Underclassmen (9th and 10th grade). We have multiple groups for each age bracket; you can pick your group.

What do we do?

Every celebration, we praise God in worship, often times led by a student band made up of high school students. We also are intentional about having a message. The messages are meant to help students right where they are, while connecting them to the bigger picture of God's story. We split up for our messages, into a middle school group and a high school group, so we can focus our delivery in a specific way.

Sunday mornings are always filled with fun, connecting, applicable scriptural truth and a celebration of God's story. We would love for you to join us! We are located in the SU Gym and host two celebrations, at 9:00 am and 10:30 am. Come celebrate with us.

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