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Welcome to Student Union!

Student Union, led by David Hughes, invites students to be a community who are realizing their role in God’s Story. The best place to get started is our weekly SU Sunday Celebrations. Students can come, be known, know others and be encouraged in the toughest areas of life.

When and where do we meet?

We meet on Sunday mornings at 9:00 am and 10:30 am in the Student Center. Not sure where the student center is? When you are in the MPCC lobby, find the BIG silver sign hanging high on the wall that says STUDENTS … walk that way.

What does a typical gathering look like?

Sundays are focused on worship and teaching the Bible within a group setting. When you get here, we will introduce you to a group of students that are your grade and gender. Throughout the hour-long gathering, we will celebrate with worship led by our student band, teaching from one of our Student Ministry staff, a fun crazy game and time for your group to talk and discuss the message. The agenda shifts every week, but these are the integral pieces we go after at a Sunday Gathering.

Is that all there is?

No way! While SU Sunday Celebrations are the best place to get started, you’ll soon find out that there is tons more to be part of. Throughout the year there are winter and summer camps, service trips, leadership conferences, Senior Fellowship, serving teams, RoleGroups and stuff that is just plain fun.

To see what is coming up next, check out our EVENTS.

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