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High School

Student Union is the high school group at Mountain Park Community Church in Phoenix, Arizona. A parent plays the most important role in helping their teen develop a solid faith. However, peers, additional leaders and opportunities to live their faith out is the role of Student Union.

If you are new here, Student Union Sundays are the best place for students, 9th-12th grade, to start getting connected. We meet weekly at 9am and 10:30 am in the gym. Students can expect a large group time of music, a short teaching, followed by a small group time where students can interact with their peers. Occasionally, Student Union joins “Big Church” to connect with the larger church body.


Launch Sunday Celebration

Launch Sunday Celebration

Whether you know it or not, you have a role to play in God's story. Launch is all abut realizing your role. Our Role Groups are designed to help you develop a pathway for launching into your story and thriving in every role that you play. Learn more... »

Stay Connected to High School

We want to help you stay connected to what’s happening at Student Union. Check out the different ways you can stay connected below!