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Say Hello to Tim Goodyear

Tim Goodyear

Tim Goodyear

Pastor of Discipleship & Family Ministry

Tim and Laura, with their two boys Ben and Andrew, came to Mountain Park in the fall of 2011. Originally from Michigan, the Goodyears moved to Phoenix after spending four years in Dallas, TX.

So with a name like Goodyear, I guess you get free tires…
Nope. No relation to the Goodyear tire company, but I do get a discount on cars as a former engineer with Ford.

You grew up in Michigan, what do you miss the most about the Midwest?
Definitely not the snow! It wouldn’t bother me a bit if I never see snow, shovel snow, or scrape ice from my car again. I do miss getting Michigan football games in the fall and really good sweet corn in the summer.

It’s rumored you’ve gained a reputation with the scorpions of Ahwatukee...
I did get three kills in our home in our first three days here. Laura says I’m her scorpion killing superhero when yielding my black light in one hand and a shoe in the other.

What’s the best part of being a dad?
It’s a great excuse to be goofy all the time and go out for ice cream a lot (…for the kids, of course).

Discipleship and Family Pastor, so what’s the connection between those two?
God created us to live and grow in relationship with him and with each other. Scripture shows us that the communities God has given us for these relationships with each other are family and the Church. So it’s through both family and the Church that we all grow.