Adult Ministries Pastor

Mountain Park Church (MPC) is a thriving church with an average attendance of 1800 in beautiful Ahwatukee, an affluent area within sunny Phoenix, Arizona. Starting as a church plant about 30 years ago, MPC has continued to expand its reach and recently built a new facility. The local community features excellent schools, abundant sports and outdoor activities, beautiful desert surroundings, and a health-conscious culture.  Mountain Park is voluntarily affiliated with the Church of God (Anderson) and affirms the role of women as teachers and leaders within the church.


The mission of Mountain Park Church is to invite the distracted and the disinterested to realize their role in God’s story. In pursuit of this mission, we are equally committed to reaching the unbelieving with the love and truth of Jesus and cultivating spiritual growth in Christ followers. The Adult Ministries Pastor fulfills this mission by leading and managing strategic pathways, processes, and teams (including staff and volunteers) that move men and women to increasing levels of spiritual maturity and personal ownership of MPC’s mission through intentional community, consistent spiritual practices, and loving service. This includes direct leadership of the assimilation process and oversight of a broad range of ministries including groups, classes, missions, local outreach, hospitality, and pastoral care.

The ideal candidate for this role is a strategic and inspirational leader with a deep personal love for Jesus who weaves multiple programs and ministries into a comprehensive and unified approach to adult ministry that grows mature followers of Jesus. Serving as MPC’s “assimilation expert,” they maintain and innovate clear processes for following up with guests (and regular attenders) and integrating them into the community and ministry of MPC. Proficient with technology, they research and leverage its capabilities to make ministry more efficient and impactful. They are also an avid recruiter and gifted teacher who mobilizes and equips staff and volunteers to do the work of the ministry.

As a collaborative leader, the Adult Ministries Pastor understands the importance of developing ideas and direction in a group context, listening to those around them and providing a safe place for healthy discussion and debate. More than just a manager, they will take an active, hands-on role (e.g. teaching classes, recruiting and training volunteers, leading mission trips, etc.) in certain areas as determined by their interest, abilities, and experience. Knowing the value of alignment, they demonstrate a firm commitment to the beliefs, mission, and strategies of Mountain Park and consistently align staff, volunteers, and programs with them.


Spiritual and Organizational Leadership
  • Work with the Lead and Executive Pastors to implement a comprehensive strategy for integration and spiritual growth that aligns all Adult Ministries activities (classes, groups, local outreach, missions, hospitality, and pastoral care) with the existing mission and strategies of MPC.
  • Consistently cast a clear, Christ-centered vision for biblical community/hospitality, outreach/missions, and spiritual growth that inspires and motivates others to engage on deeper levels.
  • Create and maintain systems and processes to coordinate all Adult Ministries programs and events (scheduling, resources, communication, etc).
  • Develop and lead the Adult Ministries team, including staffing structure, hiring, performance reviews, distribution of duties, training, discipline, and termination when necessary.
  • Define, document, and track annual, quarterly, and weekly goals related to areas of responsibility that express the mission and values of MPC. Regularly evaluate for wins and ways to improve.
  • Develop metrics – both qualitative and quantitative – to measure engagement of attenders and effectiveness of programs and activities.
  • Meet regularly with direct reports and key volunteers to provide ongoing coaching, feedback and leadership.
  • Identify and equip leaders and teams who embrace, advocate for, and implement the integration and discipleship strategies of MPC.
  • Responsible for the development and management of the budget for Adult Ministries
  • Communicate regularly with volunteers to inform them of upcoming events, evaluate effectiveness, consider improvements, and address any issues that may need to be resolved.
  • Meet regularly with the Executive Pastor to align priorities and practices with the mission and values of MPC.
  • Research and leverage technology for ministry impact
  • Additional duties and projects as assigned.
  • Create and maintain processes and programs for a) following up with both guests and regular attenders and b) fully integrating them into the community and ministry of MPC.
  • Oversight of all First Touch ministries (ushers, greeters, information table, children’s check-in, etc.) and Café (currently only open on Sundays)
  • Ensure that every attender (first time or otherwise) has the opportunity to connect in relationship to an individual or group of individuals.
  • Consistently offer on-ramps (such as newcomer’s lunches, membership classes, etc.) that move guests and attenders to become participants in MPC’s mission through serving, small groups, giving, etc.
  • Initiate and lead experiences that give attenders the opportunity to create and/or deepen their relationship with others, such as fellowship meals after Sunday services, Men’s and Women’s Breakfasts, Men’s and Women’s Retreats, etc.
Groups and Classes
  • Cultivate small group communities that study the Bible and apply it’s truth to their everyday lives, build authentic relationships, and support one another through life.
  • Maintain and innovate classes that encourage and equip adults to follow Jesus and/or serve community members in a way that attracts them to MPC and reflects the love and truth of Jesus.
  • Establish a clear pathway to salvation, baptism, and discipleship for adults that is independent of Sunday morning worship services.
  • Support and develop prayer ministries – 1inPrayer and ASAP (After Service Assisted Prayer) - while maintaining and implementing policies for conduct and confidentiality.
  • Ensure that the content and curriculum for groups and classes is rooted in Scripture and consistent with MPC’s beliefs, teachings, and values.
  • Ensure the spiritual growth and health of leaders through regular communication, trainings, personal care, evaluations, personal coaching, and encouragement.
  • Direct pastoral care ministries (walk ins, hospital visits, crisis situations, weddings, funerals).
Outreach and Missions
  • Mobilize individuals and families to meet the spiritual, physical, and/or emotional needs of others through projects, partnerships, and mission trips.
  • Create a vision and strategy for missions and outreach that guides all decisions and activities.
  • Establish criteria for selecting ministries and organizations to partner with.
  • Implement systems and process to consistently evaluate the effectiveness of partnerships (including things like financial transparency, impact, etc.). Appropriately end partnerships as needed.
  • Collaborate with outreach/missions partners to create transformative interactions between the people of MPC and cultures we serve.
  • Ensure the consistent application of all policies and procedures related to outreach and missions, revise as needed.
  • Create opportunities for MPC attenders to participate with outreach partners.
  • Ensure that there are clear and clean records of all projects/mission trips (including budget, work performed, stories of how God moved, and other necessary information) in order to demonstrate specific ways MPC is meeting the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of others.
  • Oversee benevolence ministry, ensure that all benevolence policies and procedures are being followed.


  • Education
    • Required: Bachelor’s degree
    • Required: Seminary degree or equivalent ministry experience

  • Essential Experience

    • Leadership of multiple ministries and/or programs (minimum 5 years)
    • Director and/or Pastor in a church of at least 750 adults (minimum 5 years)
    • Management of multiple staff, including authority to hire, evaluate, and appropriately discipline employees (minimum 5 years)
    • Recruiting and leading volunteers (minimum 7 years)
    • Leading small groups and/or leadership of a small groups ministry (minimum 5 years)

  • Preferred Experience

    • Involvement in planning and executing integration and membership processes (minimum 3 years)
    • Hospitality or customer service experience
    • Management and coordination of mission trips, both domestic and international
    • Building relationships with community organizations for local outreach projects


  • Proficient computer skills, experience with or ability to learn Mac software. Ability to learn new software programs quickly.
  • Highly developed verbal, written and telephone communication skills with the ability to act on both a professional and personal level.
  • Operates well independently with minimal direction/supervision, as well as within a team.
  • Strong relationship and conflict resolutions skills
  • Strong organizational and problem solving skills
  • Multi-tasking ability and attention to detail is essential.


Essential Qualities for growing in your role
  • Authentic dedication to spiritual maturity in Christ with a track record of Christ-like behavior, including

    • Knowing the Story
    • Trusting the Author
    • Living with Margin
    • Thriving in my Family Role
    • Thriving in my Kingdom Role

  • Commitment to MPC’s mission, values, and leadership. This includes embracing and encouraging a culture that is:

    • Safe yet Dangerous
    • Fun yet Intentional
    • Confident yet Humble

  • Personal drive to be a self-starter with initiative and a strong work ethic
  • Enthusiasm and joy – a naturally “bright” face and smile
  • Emotional and relational intelligence
  • Personal pursuit of healthy biblical relationships
  • Collaborative team player who naturally motivates and encourages others


  • Additional projects and responsibilities may be necessary as requested by the Senior or Executive Pastor
  • Job descriptions at MPC are fluid - meaning this job description represents the minimum expectations when it comes to tasks and areas you may be working in. The reality is that we work as a team and there are numerous other tasks that will require the participation of the person holding this position

Are you interested?

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This is not an all-inclusive document. Additional duties, expectations, demands, etc. may be added or changed to this document on an as-needed basis in order to meet organizational needs.

Mountain Park Church is a proud Equal Employment Opportunity Employer

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