Communications Manager


The mission of Mountain Park Church is to invite the distracted and the disinterested to realize their role in God’s story. The Communications Manager is on the front lines of this mission by creating and managing internal and external communication that sparks spiritual curiosity, cultivates spiritual growth, and moves others to personally participate in MPC’s mission, services, and other discipleship activities. This includes developing and maintaining systems and processes to ensure all ministry activities are appropriately and accurately communicated. The ideal candidate for this role is an excellent writer and successful marketing strategist who is passionate about using their gifts to support and advance the disciple-making mission of the church.


Implement Vision of MPC
  • Maintain a personal, growing relationship with Jesus Christ that sets an example for those we serve and aligns with the mission and core beliefs of Mountain Park Church.
  • Consistently cast and implement a clear, Christ-centered vision for the role of communications in inviting the distracted and disinterested to realize their role in God’s story.
  • Ensure that all communication (both internal and external) expresses the mission and values of MPC in a cohesive and unified voice
  • Define, document, and track annual, quarterly, and weekly goals related to areas of responsibility that express the mission and values of MPC. Regularly evaluate for wins and ways to improve.
Communications and Marketing
  • Create and implement a comprehensive external marketing strategy that brings new people into the church - including traditional mediums (newspaper, billboards, radio, television, etc.) and online/social media.
  • Create and implement a comprehensive internal communications strategy that increases the participation of attenders in the overall mission of MPC including, but not limited, to Sunday announcements, emails, web content, posters, banners, print materials, and social media
  • Lead PR campaigns for events, services, and/or programs, including the creation and delivery of press releases
  • Write clear and compelling copy for all forms of church communication that sparks
  • spiritual curiosity, cultivates spiritual growth, and/or inspires people to participate in the mission and activities of MPC. This includes print pieces (e.g. bulletins, brochures, flyers, poster), annual reports, web and social media content, emails, form letters, ministry summaries etc.
  • Collaborate with pastors and other staff to ensure effective promotion of all ministry activities
  • Work with graphic design sub-contractor to deliver high quality graphics for all ministries
  • Act as liaison for media related activities and serve as spokesperson as needed
  • Build a strong network of interpersonal relationships and volunteer teams to cultivate grassroots and word-of-mouth promotion of MPC’s mission and events
  • Coordinate all content and delivery of verbal Sunday communications – either through a preplanned video or live announcements
  • Maximize the effectiveness of MPC’s website (and general web presence) including, among other things, maintaining a high SEO score.
  • Participate, as invited, in creative brainstorming and idea generation, leading to an excellent Sunday experience for attenders of the church
  • Help execute creative ideas and coordinate logistics as needed
Worship Culture
  • Collaborate with Lead Pastor on overall vision for the worship experiences
  • Build a culture of participatory worship by, among other things, creating worship experiences where a significant majority of the congregation is actively participating.
  • Set the vibe, tone, and atmosphere for each service; owns the room by thinking through and coordinating all elements (music, stage sets, announcements, offering, lighting, creative elements, décor, environmental projection, etc.) and weaving them together to create a seamless experience that supports the message content.
  • Primary worship leader for Sunday services
  • Leverage environmental elements including sound, stage lighting, house lighting, acoustics, décor, stage set etc. to create an environment of worship that focuses attenders on the reality of God and moves them into an attitude of worship.
  • Take initiative in adding, replacing, and repairing technical equipment - as well as making improvements to the room décor and overall environment.
  • Consistently increase the overall quality of the worship experience to ensure that we are on a consistent upward trend.
  • Recruit, develop, and disciple worship leaders who effectively move the congregation to worship through musical excellence and authentic spiritual leadership.
  • Recruit, develop, and disciple musicians and vocalists who are unified by their love for Jesus and motivated to lead the congregation in worship.
  • Recruit, develop, and disciple production teams who are understand their role in building a culture and environment of worship.
  • Partner with other ministries (Children’s, Students, Men’s, Women’s. etc.) to ensure high quality worship opportunities outside of adult Sunday services.
  • Create a “track record” with a list of MPC songs – adding new songs when appropriate and maximizing their usage
Develop and Maintain Systems and Processes
  • Strategically streamline and manage systems and processes to ensure that all church related events are properly prioritized and communicated to all appropriate audiences (such as staff, volunteers, attenders, non-attenders, etc.)
  • Maintain a promotion calendar that includes all known ministry events, community events, programs, sermon series, and campaigns, including how and when they are being promoted
  • Produce a summary of events and promotion for the next 4 weeks to be displayed publicly for staff and volunteers


  • Education
    • Required: Bachelor’s degree

  • Essential Experience

    • 3-5 years of communications or marketing experience within an organization or business

  • Preferred Experience

    • 5-10 years of communications experience within a church of 1000+


  • Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Passion for helping people
  • High emotional and relational intelligence, builds relationships easily
  • Collaborative team player who naturally motivates and encourages others
  • Commitment to confidentiality
  • Attention to detail is essential
  • Strong organizational and problem solving skills
  • Excellent at customer service
  • Ability to effectively manage multiple tasks simultaneously under time constraints
  • Dependable, responsible and self-motivated
  • Able to make independent decisions and work with minimal supervision
  • Proficient in Mac software and Microsoft Office


Essential Qualities for growing in your role
  • Authentic dedication to spiritual maturity in Christ with a track record of Christ-like behavior, including:

    • Knowing the Story
    • Trusting the Author
    • Living with Margin
    • Thriving in my Family Role
    • Thriving in my Kingdom Role

  • Commitment to MPC’s mission, values, and leadership. This includes embracing and encouraging a culture that is:

    • Safe yet Dangerous
    • Fun yet Intentional
    • Confident yet Humble

  • Personal drive to be a self-starter with initiative and a strong work ethic
  • Enthusiasm and joy – a naturally “bright” face and smile
  • Emotional and relational intelligence


  • Additional projects and responsibilities may be necessary as requested by the Senior Pastor or Executive Pastor
  • Job descriptions at MPC are fluid - meaning this job description represents the minimum expectations when it comes to tasks and areas you may be working in. The reality is that we work as a team and there are numerous other tasks that will require the participation of the person holding this position

Are you interested?

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This is not an all-inclusive document. Additional duties, expectations, demands, etc. may be added or changed to this document on an as-needed basis in order to meet organizational needs.

Mountain Park Church is a proud Equal Employment Opportunity Employer

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