Man Camp

April 26th - 28th

If you feel stuck, if you want adventure, if you’re bored of the normal, if you feel alone, if you’re exhausted, or if you want real change in your life that lasts Man Camp is for you. If you’re willing to take a chance we promise you won’t regret it. You’ll make friends in no time. Every guy will be assigned a group of guys in your cabin: As a unit, you will wrestle through the topics that the speaker presents with a group of about 9-12 other guys. Some of these issues will be pretty heavy, so Man Camp is for adult men only (18+). 

Man Camp is a mountaintop experience that will change your life and affirm what being a man means to you. It started with a few guys from our church who just wanted to get away, but who found that by meeting with other guys in nature they have had their marriages saved, met their best friends, and experienced a sense of freedom they couldn't have found anywhere else. Man Camp is a place to strip away distractions and Connect with God, our Maker, who gives us our identity and our purpose.

We will be carpooling from the church to Lost Canyon at various times throughout the day Friday. You will be contacted after registration to coordinate those details.




Lost Canyon in Williams, AZ.


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