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What is Alpha? 
Alpha is a practical introduction to the Christian faith that gives you the opportunity to explore the meaning of life. 

Alpha is fun, relaxed, and totally non-pressured Focus Group.

How does it work? 
Each Alpha session begins with fun and followed by a short talk looking at a different aspect of the Christian faith. 

After that, there is a time for discussion in a friendly small group. 

Who is Alpha for? 
Alpha is for everyone, especially: 

  • Those who have given up on church 
  • Those wanting to investigate Christianity 
  • Those who are new to the Christian faith 
  • Those wanting to grow in understanding and faith 

What’s the cost? 
There is no charge for Alpha. 

Date & time

Sunday, January 21
10:45 AM


16461 S. 48th Street.
Phoenix AZ 85048