Better Together

And they lived happily ever after

The fairy tales make marriage sound so easy, don’t they? We enter marriage with high expectations for the relationship and for each other. But when our expectations aren’t met, we quickly grow disillusioned and disappointed.

The best person to set expectations for marriage is the one who created marriage. God designed marriage to be between one man and one woman for a lifetime. There’s no better picture of God’s grace toward us and Jesus’ sacrifice for us than two people committed to loving, serving, and forgiving one another for their whole lives.

At Mountain Park, we are passionate about healthy, God-centered marriages. We are here every Monday to help you reconnect, reignite and resurrect your marriage.


Greg & Peggi LaMonica

Start Date - End Date:
August 17 - September 28

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Vertical Marriage

The secret to a great marriage is to go vertical, inviting God into your worst conflicts and unsolvable dilemmas.” This group will read the book, ‘Vertical Marriage’ by Dave & Ann Wilson and together, watch a 30 minute marriage video followed by an hour of small group discussion time.The videos are funny and relatable – the topics include communication, conflict, romance and living and loving vertically. No prerequisite required. This group is open to all married, remarried, or seriously dating couples.


Need Help?

If you’re unsure how to resolve or navigate the season your marriage is currently in, please know that you’re not alone. Please contact us by emailing Duane Boyett, our Adult Ministries Pastor at


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